The team at Ballsy chat to The Huffington Post about all things fermented !!

No doubt you’ve heard tonnes of people raving about kombucha (or ‘booch’), or about how obsessed people are with kimchi.

While many of us have hopped on the fermented food train, others are still very much confused (and, quite frankly, a little grossed out).

What’s the deal with fermented foods? And what the f*** is kefir? you may ask.

Well, we have the answers to all your fermentation questions: what fermented foods are, how they’re made and what health benefits they have.

“Fermented foods are foods that have been through a natural process where microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts or moulds) break down complex molecules into simpler substances, transforming its chemical composition and enhancing its nutrient value,” Matt Ball, co-founder of Wild Kombucha by Ballsy and eye surgeon, told The Huffington Post Australia.


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