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Your Name Lara Ball

Where do you live?

Just up from Bondi Beach, in a pocket out of the mayhem but close enough to the water to keep us grounded.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I grew up in northern NSW and after school moved to Sydney to pursue studies in Fine Arts & Film. This took me on a wonderful journey through my twenties with lots of travel and time spent overseas, much with my husband Matt an Eye Surgeon and the other half of Ballsy Brewing. We are both advocates of natural healing, sustainability and for many years we had thrown around concepts of working together more closely and with the natural world.

It was not until we spent a month in Maui and drank kombucha every day whilst doing yoga/yoga nidra/windsurfing that the seeds started to sprout. We felt that kombucha was part of a culture of vibrant health and consciousness in Hawaii and were inspired to start brewing it on our return. That’s when I remembered that my grandmother once made it too! Very quickly we found that it appealed to my creative side and Matt was fascinated by the science and its potential health benefits.

Tell us about your business:

Our company Ballsy Brewing produces our Wild Kombucha signature product, we also have many ideas in the wings. Ballsy is a play on both our surnames, Ball & O’Reilly as well as reflecting the traits required to launch into the beverage industry with no prior experience. The path to having our own kombucha company has very synchronistic ally unfolded before us, so much so that we often joke that kombucha has consciousness and makes its own decisions. Eager to bring Kombucha to life in Sydney, post-Hawaiian escape, we returned home and began the process of research and brewing, brewing and research!

We opened Australia’s first Kombucha Bar in Sydney last year, which acts as a cellar door to our production space. Here we do our in-house testing, as well as sell locally made products and offer our kitchen for workshops & talks.

What are your longer term goals for the business?


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