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I’m just one more coconut water away from that glowing Kylie Jenner skin and I’m pretty sure I can feel my liver thanking me by the sip. Whoops, yes, I may have had a few too many champas last night, but this oh-so-delicious, flavourless (let’s be honest) drink is helping to hide the evidence of my recurring late nights, so these gag inducing mouthfuls will be totally worth it in the end…. well, here’s to hoping.

In today’s society, it’s hard to keep up with all the fads and trends. I wouldn’t be complaining if I never have to eat another spoonful of kale powder again (who am I!?). I mean, these superfoods don’t seem to be turning me into any more of a superhuman than I intend to be and quite frankly, I’m getting fed up (and fed full) with all these acai berries and chia seeds. Oh, but sweet potato can totally stay.

What we all really want from these so called ‘superfoods’ is, well, immortality obvs. I mean, I wouldn’t be self-inflicting the need to sit and pick seeds out of my teeth all day just for the fun of it. That’s why I jumped on the bandwagon of the one drink that has been undeniably on many a hipster radar for the past year or so and I’m gracefully filling my sink with coconut water in rejoice. Herein, I introduce to you wild kombucha- the fermented drink with floaties in it that you may have mistaken for beer from time to time only to be mildly disappointed.


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