Where to find us on tap!

Desperate for your daily Wild Kombucha hit? Find us at FOUR (5th opening soon) special locations where you will find lovely people who will be more than happy to fill you up!


Find us at Orchard St Elixir Bar (North Bondi), Ruby’s Diner (Waverly) , Greenhouse Coffee (Darlinghurst) and at our Collaboratory in Leichhardt where we will be waiting to refill those bottles full of the good stuff.


Orchard St






BONDI : Orchard St Elixir Bar


Ruby's Waverly










WAVERLY : Ruby’s Diner











DARLINGHURST : GreenHouse Coffee










LEICHHARDT : Kombucha Bar & Collaboratory (opening April 11th, home of Wild Kombucha by Ballsy)



PADDINGTON : Opening April !




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