TEDxSydney – Brews worth spreading!

Thursday 24th May



TEDX 2015



Ant butter on ancient grain purple wheat bread, rebellious fairy bread one may call it? Compost tea, edible weeds and insects? Not your usual line up for a lunch at the Sydney Opera House.



What better way is there to push the boundaries, have fun, and celebrate the forgotten, ugly, and unexpected foods all at the same time than through all things food. TEDxSydney’s food program this year was all about doing just this with an array of Rebellious Food options that really encouraged the TEDx tribe to break free from the cultural, economic and social rules we place around food for just one day.


For those unsure of what they’re eating, Wild Kombucha was there to provide a fermented liquid pallet cleanser, introduce to all things Kombucha to those unfamiliar with the fermented drink and all in all to spread the Kombucha love.

Thank you TEDX Sydney for the wonderful day !


TEDX Wild Kombucha
TEDX Wild Kombucha


TEDX Wild Kombucha

All photos by TedX Sydney


Here’s a few snapshot from the day… #rebelfood

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