Special Brews by Ballsy

At the heart of Ballsy Brewing is the fusion of imagination and passion. We collaborate with like-minded individuals to share this love; it is the essence of what we do. Working with local chefs, we create special brews

Our current collaborations include:


Bennelong & Quay //  Wuyi Oolong + Wild Thyme Honey Jun with Chef Peter Gilmore

Bennelong & Quay // Native Lime Wild Kombucha

Firedoor // Native Thyme Anise Myrtle + Native Pepperberry


We feature seasonal and special styles of Wild Kombucha on tap each week at our Kombucha Bar & Collaboratory space in Leichhardt, some of our current  styles are;

Galangal, cayenne and lemon

River mint & cacao 

Cold drip coffee


and coming up we have a special Matcha Wild Kombucha shot and our Yerba Mate Wild Kombucha is making a return for Spring!

Ballsy Van



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