Meet our Makers in Residence for April … Loco Love & Wild Thing Raw





Wild Thing Raw, Demelza Donohoo

In-Residence : April 2015 for two PopUp breakfast events




Demelza Donohoo is a professional chef whose love of cooking started at a young age, where she was always experimenting in the kitchen, and after leaving school she studied both Western and Asian commercial cooking. She qualified with distinction and her professional career began working for some of Sydney’s top chefs. She moved to London to further her experience where she worked in fine dining restaurants.


Her passion for raw clean food then moved Demelza to Turks and Caicos where she trained with Donna Karan’s Private chef Jill Pettijohn and this love of all things raw persists to this day.


Demelza returned to Sydney to continue her practice with raw food and she recently established Wild Thing Raw which caters to Sydney’s demand for clean healthy food, providing raw food with a modern edge.


Above image: Wild Thing Raw’s Thai cucumber young coconut summer rolls tamari & Ginger Kombucha


LOCO LOVE, Emica Penklis

In-Residence : April – June 2015 . Kitchen production space & a Pop-Up Dessert Bar




Emica Penklis is one creative soul that literally is pouring her love into life through her Loco Love organic raw chocolate company.

After a background in fashion design and modeling, Emica now brings her extensive awareness and qualifications in herbal medicine, nutrition, meditation, eating psychology and holistic counseling into what she does daily.

If Emica isn’t making chocolate or creating new salubrious recipes, she is either holding private consultations with clients, modeling or writing.

Emica’s greatest desire is to eventually write about love and create art everyday, all day. For now you will just have to put up with her incredibly delicious and healthy chocolates.

Loco Love Facebook page


Above image: Loco Love’s Wild Blueberry & Passionfruit raw mini cheesecakes topped with raspberries and chocolate, with cold drip coffee & desert quandong Kombucha float.




Here’s a sneak peek of our first COLLABORATORY menu event …





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