JULY Workshops at The Collaboratory

Desire Map Workshop led by Sacha Marie

Sunday 12 July 9am-5pm at The Collaboratory
WHAT: This workshop is for clarifying what you truly want in every area of your life and using that powerful awareness to guide your choices from now on. If you’re bored of having no purpose or direction, if you find decision making painful, or if you just want some forward movement in your life – this workshop is for you.

WHY: Because knowing what you want and being able to go after it is one of the most powerful tools you can master.

“Wonderful process for someone seeking clarity around how to prioritise and connect with what is really going to make them happy. Sacha Marie creates a lovely, safe, supportive, graceful atmosphere with lots of lovely personal touches. Food was wonderful too! Feel very nourished in my body and soul.” Kate Gratwicke, Founder and Chief Thinker at Best Life Tribe, bestlifetribe.com
“If you are lacking direction in your life or are unsure of how to proceed or take the next step, this can really help open your mind to what it is you really want in life and help you begin to achieve it.” Tanisha Williams, Mother and Neonatal Nurse.

As this will be an intimate workshop, places are limited so book now to secure your place.

Sacha Marie Curtis | Coach | Desire Map Workshops
Have a sticky beak at SachaMarieCurtis.com  

Sacha Marie Curtis


Circle Songs by Gemma Turner


Sunday 19 July 2 -3.30pm at The Collaboratory


A combination vocal warmup, workout and creative session. This is Gemma’s favourite way of improving your voice by stealth. Most people have problems with singing because they overthink it – and usually have been doing it for decades!
It’s time to give the inner critic a rest and stop worrying about the past, the future and whether you “got it right”.  Strangely, the more you stop trying to push and micro-manage your voice and just get on with singing, the faster you get to your vocal goals.
Singing in a group: simple call-and-response and then moving on to improvising riffs with ongoing gentle guidance from Gemma. You can play it safe or push the boundaries – that’s up to you!
COST: $30
BOOKINGS: email Gemma voiceturner@internode.on.net
Gemma Turner
Singer, Songwriter, Singing Coach, Researcher, Writer
PhD (Syd)


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