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Kombucha 101

Wild Kombucha & Botanical Elixir Bar

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a naturally energizing and detoxifying living drink produced by the aerobic fermentation of green and black tea and organic raw cane sugar. A symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (known as a ‘SCOBY’) converts the sugars into a range of organic acids and produces mild carbonation, resulting in a delicious brew that has been drunk for centuries in Eastern Europe, Russia, China & Japan and has been referred to as ‘The Tea of Immortality’ for its health benefits.

Who are Ballsy Brewing?

We are a local husband and wife team (Lara and Matt Ball – artist and doctor) who love all things natural. We were inspired to start brewing following a yoga teacher training and windsurfing trip to Maui in Hawaii. We are members of Kombucha Brewers International and brew locally using all organic green and black tea, organic raw cane sugar and vibrant filtered water.

Where is it made?

Wild Kombucha is made in the fermentation room of our Kombucha Bar and Art-Food-Medicine Collaboratory space in Sydney where we hold special events and workshops with local makers. We have an on-site Kombucha testing lab, having recently installed a gas chromatographer and microscope and have plans for many more exciting brews!

Is there any sugar and or caffeine in it?

Our latest laboratory testing returned total sugars at 2.6g/100ml. A vegetable/ and or fruit juice contains anywhere from 3 – 9g/100ml. Small amounts of caffeine remain, around 5.3mg/100ml. A coffee contains approx 55-85mg/100ml

Is there any alcohol?

Trace amounts of alcohol remain in any beverage after fermentation (yes apple cider vinegar has alcohol too) and kombucha is no different, with no  more then 0.5% at time of bottling.

How much can I drink?

If you have not tried it before, we recommend you start with 1 glass (300ml) or less per day whilst your digestive system adjusts to it. Care and common sense is recommended in pregnancy, breast-feeding and with ingestion by young children. We recommend you do your own research.

This tastes amazing, where can I get more?

Wild Kombucha can be purchased as a take away 500 or 750ml bottle that can be refilled. To find our latest on-tap locations around Sydney please check out our website or pop into our Kombucha Bar & Collaboratory space at 495 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt, open to the public every Friday and Saturday 10-5pm.

We encourage recycling so if you clean your bottles yourself, we’ll happily fill them back up for you.

Please keep the bottles refrigerated and preferably drink within the week.


Know your maker. Know your Kombucha #trustyourgut

Ballsy x