What is Kombucha Tea? Read about us in RESCU

September 28, 2016 RESCU Kombucha has certainly made its mark in Australia over recent years. While it has long been popular with the integrated health community as a gut- friendly living drink, it has recently gone mainstream and is now available in most health food stores. Lara Ball of Wild Kombucha by Ballsy shared with us the ins and [...]

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How to throw a healthy dinner party for fussy friends! SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

You've carefully scored the pork fat, rubbed it six times with oil and salt and popped it in the oven to roast slowly for the next three hours. A carefully constructed chocolate mousse is setting in the fridge. "Oh ... I'm a vegetarian now," says one guest as they arrive. "No sugar or carbs for me," says [...]

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The team at Ballsy chat to The Huffington Post about all things fermented !!

No doubt you've heard tonnes of people raving about kombucha (or 'booch'), or about how obsessed people are with kimchi. While many of us have hopped on the fermented food train, others are still very much confused (and, quite frankly, a little grossed out). What's the deal with fermented foods? And what the f*** is [...]

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Ballsy Brewing – Sustainable Stories

Your Name Lara Ball Where do you live? Just up from Bondi Beach, in a pocket out of the mayhem but close enough to the water to keep us grounded. Tell us a bit about yourself: I grew up in northern NSW and after school moved to Sydney to pursue studies in Fine Arts & Film. [...]

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What is Kombucha and what do you need to know to brew it at home? KITCHEN9 NINE.COM

If you've tried kombucha on the menu at your favourte café and wondered what all the fuss is about, or even mused over brewing it yourself at home, it helps to get to know a little more about the fermented drink of the moment. 9Kitchen caught up with Lara Ball of Wild Kombucha by Ballsy fame, for [...]

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WTF Even Is Kombucha? The Urbanlist SYD

  By Brooke Harrison - 30 Aug 2016 First it was kale, and then it was quinoa. With all these superfoods popping up all over the joint, we are on our way to universal domination, surely? And, just a little insider tip you guys- it’s pronounced keen-wah, not kwin-o-ah, FYI (you can thank me later). I’m just [...]

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The wonderful team at VIVE Cooking school called by over Easter and here's a little snippet from their blog post ...       It's mind-boggling what some people can achieve in just two years. Today's case in point - Wild Kombucha - is the brainchild of savvy husband and wife team Matt and Lara Ball. This collaborative, [...]

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Special Brews by Ballsy

At the heart of Ballsy Brewing is the fusion of imagination and passion. We collaborate with like-minded individuals to share this love; it is the essence of what we do. Working with local chefs, we create special brews Our current collaborations include:   Bennelong & Quay //  Wuyi Oolong + Wild Thyme Honey Jun with Chef Peter Gilmore [...]

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